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Except where otherwise indicated, all pages on this website, and all images or other embedded elements contained therein, are my original work. You may not copy nor publish them without my permission, either as granted below or as I may grant specifically to you. I'll often grant requests, just contact me.

Creative Commons License for Photos:

All of my photos on this site may be used in accordance with the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike-Noncommercial license.

[I decided to use this CC license in 2006, but it applies to any of my photos on this site whether posted here before then or after. The effect of this license is similar to the permission to embed my photos that I've had since I started this website, but it permits additional uses such as printing, re-hosting, and use in derivative works, so long as its conditions are met -- for example, it doesn't allow any commercial uses. My paragraph on embedding allows embedding (with attribution) on commercial websites too (but no other commercial uses), so it hasn't been completely superseded.]


Linking (defined) to any of my pages, or to any element embedded in any of my pages, is always permissible.


Permission is hereby granted to embed any of my images into a page on another site, so long as the embedding page clearly indicates (in a manner clearly visible to the user [not just in source HTML] and reasonably adjacent to the embedded image) that the image is my work and is subject to copyright. [Update 2006: Webmasters are warmly encouraged to add that the image may be re-used under a Creative Commons license. This is optional since you're not necessarily relying on that license (this "Embedding" section grants you an independent right), but spread the love, OK?]

[This paragraph added 5 Nov 2005] I also request that you notify me of such embedding (please provide the URL of your page) and also provide an HTML link from your page to either www.davidalbeck.com/ or www.davidalbeck.com/photos/ .


Permission is hereby granted to copy, distribute, modify, or use in any way any of the Javascript code contained within the pages on this site.


to transcribe by any method, machine or otherwise. Exception: you may view a page in your browser, even though your browser inevitably makes a temporary copy.

to use the URL of a page or element as the value of a SRC element, eg in an IMG tag.

use of the address of a page, or of an element therein, as the value of an HREF attribute in an A tag.

from this website, and not subject to anyone else's copyright (see footnote)

files of type HTML, or the output of CGI scripts. Unless otherwise indicated, the meaning of "page" includes the elements embedded in that page.

this includes posting on a website, ftp site, file-sharing service, or any other means of making content available to third parties except linking.

this website:
www.davidalbeck.com, its subdirectories, all files contained therein, and the outputs of all CGI scripts contained therein.

Footnote: A few examples of things on this website that are subject to other copyright: Some images on this site have been "stamped" with copyright notices in the name of their creator (who is not me). In other cases, an image gallery will be named something like "Jon's photos", thus indicating that "Jon," not myself, is the author of all the images therein.

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