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rating scale

5 "Superb"

Performs flawlessly in every detail, without sacrifing weight or bulk. I will only award this rating to products that are reasonably priced.

4.5 - "Very Good"

Nearly perfect. Falls short in minor details, or requires some sacrifice in terms of weight, bulk, or price.

4 - "Good"

Worthy of consideration by a serious hiker. Works quite well overall. Not the best in its class, but don't rush to replace it if you just bought one.

3 - "Fair"

Has significant flaws. Largely meets its major design goals (or my goals for its use), but has plain drawbacks.

2 - "Not Recommended"

Avoid if possible, especially for extended use or harsh conditions. Fails to provide a margin of safety in performance, or is egregiously bulky or heavy. Still better than nothing, especially for short day trips or car camping in fairly good weather.

1 - "Anathema"

If you encounter one of these, burn it to prevent it from being used by someone else . A serious safety risk and/or a crime against industrial design.

0 - "Run away"

Do not stare directly at this item. Move as quickly as possible to an underground shelter at least five miles away, and notify the authorities

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