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Pisaq, September 2011

Our favorite set of ruins in the Sacred Valley. We had no idea how extensive the ruins were.
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pisaq Tourist bait in the village.
pisaq Some locals climbing the terraces.
pisaq Locals in context.
pisaq Pausing to enjoy the view on our way up.
pisaq Flowering cactus.
pisaq Close-up of the cactus flower.
pisaq Another cactus, with flowerbud and old fruit.
pisaq The locals stopped for a picnic.
pisaq Another cactus flower.
pisaq Still going uphill...
pisaq What's that structure up there?
pisaq Unidentified flower.
pisaq Cactus flower, with terraces in background.
pisaq A view of the nearby mountains.
pisaq The trail traversed an extremely steep slope.
pisaq More terraces on this side of the hill.
pisaq Using the original stairs.
pisaq Reich and Zuzana posing on the terraces.
pisaq Ruins below this seet of terraces.
pisaq More spiny vegetation.
pisaq Another unidentified flower.
pisaq Temple complex near the top of the ridge.
pisaq Overview of the temple complex.
pisaq View down to the village.
pisaq Temple complex and surrounding hills.
pisaq A spiny bromeliad.
pisaq Caves high along the side of the valley - we were told these held tombs.
pisaq Zuzana reaching the highest point she can.
pisaq The ruins have a good view of the valley.
pisaq Same temple complex as before - you can see the curved wall of the sun temple in this shot.
pisaq Detail from the sun temple. I don't know what those little square holes are for.
pisaq View down to the entrance and the terraces we climbed at the beginning.
pisaq Guard tower or granary on a cliff along the ridge.
pisaq Detail of sporangia on a fern.
pisaq More unfriendly vegetation.
pisaq Looking up to the ridge.
pisaq Other tourists using the stairs on the terraces.
pisaq Palm tree and mountains.
pisaq Back in Cusco next day: Sunday parade.
pisaq Some kids know that they want to be when they grow up, I guess.
pisaq These boys do.
pisaq The older generation seems unimpressed - but maybe he'd rather they join the police, like him.
pisaq Next stop, the market. A small sample of the varieties of maize and beans for sale.
pisaq Freeze-dried potatoes (farmers just peel them and leave them outside overnight at high altitude).
pisaq Donkey snouts - I didn't ask for a recipe.