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Dead Woman's Pass

Warmiwanuska, October 2011

This album contains photos from my first two days on the Inca Trail, of which the highest point reached was Warmiwanuska, or "Dead Woman's Pass." We started out in desert conditions and climbed into alpine tundra, and then "cloud forest."
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warmiwanuska A view from the bus on the way from Cusco to the trail.
warmiwanuska Another view from the bus.
warmiwanuska So many dangerous seracs, so little time.
warmiwanuska Looking back after crossing passport control at Kilometer 82.
warmiwanuska A prickly-pear cactus.
warmiwanuska Same cactus.
warmiwanuska Unidentified cacti.
warmiwanuska Blooming cacti, with bromeliad leaves (Agave?) in foreground.
warmiwanuska Towering bromeliad.
warmiwanuska Detail of bromeliad floret.
warmiwanuska Begonias growing in the rocks.
warmiwanuska A pet parrot in a village by the trail.
warmiwanuska First real uphill section of trail.
warmiwanuska Looking back along the trail.
warmiwanuska A view worth climbing for.
warmiwanuska My hiking group photographing the ruins.
warmiwanuska Our guides taking the opportunity for a chat (about us, I assume).
warmiwanuska Eucalyptus, telephone pole, and glacier.
warmiwanuska Tropical flowers.
warmiwanuska Unidentified flower.
warmiwanuska A tree covered with epiphytic bromeliads.
warmiwanuska Evening light on the mountains.
warmiwanuska Lupine.
warmiwanuska A view from camp.
warmiwanuska Play of light on the mountains.
warmiwanuska The next section of trail led through a forest.
warmiwanuska Above the forest: that's Dead Woman's Pass in the distance.
warmiwanuska From the Pass, looking back down the trail.
warmiwanuska Descending from the pass.
warmiwanuska Unidentified flower.
warmiwanuska "Dancing Lady" orchids.
warmiwanuska Waterfalls above the trail.
warmiwanuska Pacasmayo campsite (red tents at bottom), and trail down from warmiwanusca (line of darker green). You can also see the original, higher trail.
warmiwanuska Taking in views from an Inca tambo or watch-house called runcuracay.
warmiwanuska Flowers in the ruins.
warmiwanuska Viewing the mountains.
warmiwanuska The watch-house seen from above.
warmiwanuska Bromeliads - genus Puyas, most likely.
warmiwanuska Unidentified flowers.
warmiwanuska A park guardian patrolling at Runkuraquay pass.
warmiwanuska Sayaqmarqa.
warmiwanuska Detail of ruins at Sayaqmarqa: a canal along the outer wall.
warmiwanuska View from the ruins.
warmiwanuska The upper ruins were probably a temple and/or guest-house; with a guard-house below.
warmiwanuska Pierced stone possibly used as a door hinge or for hanging precious metal sheathing on the walls.