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View towards Mt Monadnock

Western Mass., February 2012

We spent a quiet weekend in the Berkshires with a little hiking (Becket Mountain and Walling Mountain) with a visit to the Holyoke Range (Goat Peak) and to Quabbin Reservoir on the way home.
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berkshires Smaranda opening the summit register on Becket Mountain.
berkshires At a loss for words?
berkshires A DPW reference mark near the summit. Reference marks usually indicate a benchmark nearby, but I couldn't find one.
berkshires Me on the tallest point of Becket Mountain.
berkshires Smaranda climbing up the slipper backside of the boulder.
berkshires Catching herself after a slip.
berkshires Progress...
berkshires Success!
berkshires After sliding down the backside (intentionally)
berkshires See anything unusual about this tree?
berkshires Regrowth after damage.
berkshires What happened to this tree?
berkshires Hint: the tree was beside a pond.
berkshires Another hint.
berkshires A nearby tree had already fallen victim.
berkshires I was surprised by how far from shore this one was - seems too difficult to move it from here.
berkshires A male Downy Woodpecker (Picoides pubescens) by the pond.
berkshires Next day: Smaranda taking a break near the top of Goat Peak.
berkshires Smaranda on Goat Peak.
berkshires Northerly view over the Oxbow of the Connecticut River.
berkshires Northeasterly view: Mt Nonotock, Mt Holyoke, and the eastern Holyoke Range.
berkshires Looking down on Smaranda perched on her rock, from the observation tower.
berkshires We couldn't leave the Connecticut River valley without checking out some dinosaur footprints.
berkshires These ones were possibly a little too easy to find.
berkshires We stopped by Quabbin Reservoir, since it's a winter nesting site for bald eagles.
berkshires Once again the wind ruined our bird-watching plans, but we found this tower on a hill.
berkshires View to the tower from the south.
berkshires Approaching the tower.
berkshires Tower IV
berkshires Tower V
berkshires View towards Mt Monadnock from the south shore of the reservoir.
berkshires Goodnough Dike.