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Budapest, January 2012

We had a day of sightseeing before catching our flight to the States. We signed up for a Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour, but then calculated we only had time for a couple of stops since the buses didn't come very frequently. The tour also included a boat ride on the river, but the boat was full when we got there, so we paid extra to ride another tour company's boat.
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budapest Saint Stephen, founding (or at least, first Christian) king of Hungary.
budapest Smaranda taking in a view from the Fisherman's Bastion.
budapest The Fisherman's Bastion, so named because the Fishermen's Guild had the task of defending this section of wall.
budapest A view toward the river and the Parliament building.
budapest Detail from the roof of Matyas Church.
budapest More of the Matyas Church roof.
budapest Matyas Church. Here you can see the statue of a raven, heraldic symbol of King Matthias.
budapest Detail from a pillar beside the church.
budapest Top of the pillar.
budapest A nearby equestrian statue.
budapest Same statue, showing more sky.
budapest Statue of an eagle leaning over the ramparts.
budapest Another equestrian statue.
budapest View across the Danube.
budapest At the dock waiting for our tour boat. Statue of Peace in the background, beside the old Hapsburg Citadel.
budapest A view of the palace, from the river.
budapest Smaranda on the boat.
budapest The Reformed Church below Matyas Church.
budapest Parliament, seen from the river.
budapest Detail of the Parliament building.
budapest View of Parliament from farther along the river.
budapest Parliament again.
budapest On the return leg of the boat ride: Parliament once again.
budapest A passenger on the boat.
budapest Last view of Parliament.
budapest St Stephen's Basilica.
budapest Basilica, with moon.
budapest Pope Gregory.
budapest St Jerome. The outside of the basilica is devoted to the traditional "fathers" of the Roman church.
budapest Altar, with statue of St Stephen. The interior is devoted to the Hungarian saints.
budapest After the basilica, we went to see the synagogue.
budapest It was closed for the night.
budapest Detail of synagogue wall.