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Mount Jefferson, June 2014

I decided to try a couple of trails I hadn't tried before: the Castle trail (on the way up) and the Castle Ravine trail (coming down). The weather wasn't very good, which meant fewer views but more solitude.

I knew the Castle Ravine trail would be challenging, but it was a bigger pain than I expected. The upper part is a rather loose rockslide, and much of the lower part is within the streambed of Castle Brook and half-submerged. It was slow going and I had to finish my hike by moonlight.

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Pink Lady's Slipper

Another Cypripedium acaule

The trail starts in mixed woods

Then birch begins to dominate

Higher still, birch yields to fir

Moss covers the trail

A rare level section

Dwarf Cornel,
a.k.a. Bunchberry
Cornus canadensis

Approaching treeline

First Castle from below

View from First Castle

View up Castellated Ridge






Castle in the clouds

Castle in the clouds


Diapensia lapponica

Diapensia lapponica

Diapensia lapponica

Diapensia in the mist

Exact summit of Mt Jefferson

A hiker in the fog

near summit of Mt Jefferson

A large boulderfield on the trail to Edmands Col

A glimpse of Jefferson Ravine

A viewpoint near Edmands Col

Standing on the big rock

Another glimpse of Jefferson Ravine

Clouds lifting from Jefferson Ravine

Diapensia in Edmands Col

Clouds over Castellated Ridge

Top of Castle Ravine Trail

Clouds in Castle Ravine

Castle Ravine

Summer ice under Roof Rock

Avalanche debris in Castle Brook

Small cascade in the avalanche scar

Trail is in the stream here

Trail signs

Looking up the "trail"

Bluebead Lily
Clintonia borealis

Cypripedium acaule

Dwarf Cornel,
a.k.a. Bunchberry
Cornus canadensis

Tiarella cordifolia


it's starting to get dark

The trail is still in the stream

See the yellow blaze?

Last look back

small cascade

Pink lady's slipper

Last photo before dark