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Bigelow Range, November 2015

A "shoulder-season" hike to one of Maine's best mountain ranges. I was hoping to do a loop over several peaks, but didn't make fast enough progress so I turned around after topping out on the South Horn. I'll be back!

Also included here, a visit to Mosher Pond Outlet Falls, a.k.a Mosher Hill Falls.

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Bog bridges on the Appalachian Trail.

A view ahead. The weather wasn't great.

Lobaria Pulmonaria

Cranberry Stream out-house.

A.T. 2000-mile marker
(one of at least two - the exact trail route and length keep changing).


More snow.

Birch woods.

Headwaters of Cranberry Stream

Huge boulders northeast of Cranberry Pond.

Find the trail!

I see three white blazes.

"View" from the west end of the ridge

Easy trail on the ridgetop

Horns Pond from above

"View" southeasterly.

On Horns Pond overlook

The Sun, through falling snow

One of the shelters at Horns Pond.

End of the tunnel: South Horn.

Not much to see today.

Frozen forest.

Guess the wind direction?

Mosher Hill Falls.

Mosher Hill Falls detail.