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Vânătarea lui Buteanu, July 2016

A short but very scenic hike from Bâlea Lake.
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Bâlea Lac.

That's Vf. Netedu

Campanula sp?

Approaching the pass
(Saua Capra)

View south over Lacul Capra

Campanula sp

Vf. Lezerul Caprei, with Vf. Negoiu in the distance

View north along Muchia Buteanu

Vf. Capra

Creasta Vârtopel

View west to Vf. Văiuga

Rhodiola sp?

Maybe a stitchwort?

Our descent route - see the blue blaze?

Unidentified aster

A saxifrage, I think.


Myosotis sp.


outdoor sculpture project



Hikers on the summit of Vânătarea lui Buteanu

Hiker on the ridge

Wildlife photography:

Spot the chamois in this photo


Aconitum sp.