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Mt Monroe from above

Mt Washington via Ammonoosuc Ravine, March 2007

A quick hike up Mt Washington and down via the Jewell Trail on Mt Clay, hurrying to beat a forecast of bad weather. The weather on the summit was very warm, and relatively calm (50mph winds).
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thumbnail A red-tailed hawk beside the road in Boston.
thumbnail A view of Mt Eisenhower from Base Rd.
thumbnail Warm sunlight and softening snow at the bottom of the trail.
thumbnail Uneaten bits of an unlucky bird. I didn't see any tracks, so the predator was probably a hawk that ate its meal in a tree.
thumbnail A frost-touched boulder by the trail.
thumbnail First view of the ravine and the frozen Ammonoosuc River.
thumbnail Trails from mini-avalanches in wet snow.
thumbnail A view to the summit of Mt Washington, from treeline.
thumbnail Fir at treeline.
thumbnail Lichen on a dead fir.
thumbnail Looking across Ammonoosuc Ravine toward Mt Jefferson.
thumbnail Looking up to the summit.
thumbnail Two hikers on Mt Monroe, seen from the Lakes of the Clouds.
thumbnail More of Mt Monroe.
thumbnail The Lakes of the Clouds hut.
thumbnail Mt Monroe again from the base of the Mt Washington summit cone.
thumbnail Mt Monre again from a little farther up the trail.
thumbnail Looking back at the Lakes of the Clouds hut and Mt Monroe.
thumbnail From near the summit of Mt Washington, looking back to Mt Monroe, the Lakes of the Clouds, and the Southern Presidentials.
thumbnail Folks on the Mt Washington Observatory roof enjoying the breeze.
thumbnail Mandatory shot of Mts Jefferson and Adams over the Great Gulf.
thumbnail Adams and Madison over the Great Gulf.
thumbnail From Mt Clay, looking down at the ridge followed by the Jewell trail. Can you spot the four hikers?
thumbnail Close-up on the hikers.
thumbnail From the base of the Jewell trail, a view up to Mt Monroe.
thumbnail The tracks of the Cog Railway leading up Mt Washington.

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