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View from the lip of the Bowl

Mt Baldy via the Bowl

A second visit to Mt Baldy. This time I brought my ice axe and climbed straight up Baldy Bowl, a much faster route.
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thumbnail Prelude: view out the airplane window somewhere over the U.S.A.
thumbnail A view from low on the trail. I wonder if that's Mt Wilson in the distance?
thumbnail A hiker coming up the trail.
thumbnail A skier with his dog hiking up the same way.
thumbnail A view of the Bowl from below. The ski hut is visible at right.
thumbnail A view down into the Bowl from part way up. Note the hikers on the trail at left, and the man glissading at center.
thumbnail The glissader walking over the flatter area at the bottom of the Bowl.
thumbnail A view ahead, showing the usual "conga line" of climbers heading up.
thumbnail This shot allows a better appreciation of the slope.
thumbnail A climber coming up below me.
thumbnail Same climber, zoomed in.
thumbnail A skier on his way down.
thumbnail Looking smooth...
thumbnail with plenty of deep snow.
thumbnail Another skier.
thumbnail Skier followed by snowboarder.
thumbnail Skier making a turn.
thumbnail One more shot of the skier.
thumbnail Now here comes the snowboarder.
thumbnail Carving nicely.
thumbnail Coming in for a close-up...
thumbnail ...then moving on down the slope.
thumbnail This was the view from the lip of the Bowl.
thumbnail Another view from the same spot.
thumbnail Looking back at the lip, on the way to the summit.
thumbnail A hiker on the final slope. (Same guy as in image #3.)
thumbnail Two more hikers coming up from Mt Harwood.
thumbnail West Baldy.
thumbnail Some fine views northward.
thumbnail And eastward.
thumbnail And southwestward.
thumbnail I went down the west side of the bowl; here's a shot back into the bowl.
thumbnail I started my glissade here.
thumbnail A Steller's Jay.
thumbnail Nearly back to the road: view of kids sledding by the parking lot.
thumbnail Above San Antonio Falls, a climber pauses to look up at the Bowl.
thumbnail The ever-present squirrel photo.
thumbnail Moon and pines at the bottom of Falls Road.

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