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Erratic boulder

Mt Cardigan, January 2008

Short easy hike on a very warm day. Lots of ice on the summit, very fun hike. Bonus excitement: helicopter landings! (The helicopter was on a training exercise, I learned later.)
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thumbnail Everything was covered in ice, including this hollowed-out log.
thumbnail And this clump of heather.
thumbnail Chunks of ice had fallen off these shrubs.
thumbnail Ice still in place on these spruces.
thumbnail Ice covering the bedrock.
thumbnail It was a sunny day; views were outstanding.
thumbnail Thick ice build-up on small alpine plants.
thumbnail I think of this erratic as "Sunfish's boulder." (Because of this photo)
thumbnail New ice crystals forming in a shallow pool of meltwater.
thumbnail Meltwater carving into a crack in the rock.
thumbnail More meltwater.
thumbnail Rescue helicopter coming in for a landing.
thumbnail It first attempted to land on this narrow, icy part of the ridge.
thumbnail These guys couldn't tell me anything about the helicopter, so I decided to get closer.
thumbnail The helicopter landed in a slightly different spot.
thumbnail I noticed these sun cups as I was approaching the chopper.
thumbnail Too slow! The helicopter takes off.
thumbnail Helicopter heading west.

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