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pink lady's slipper

Lady's Slippers, May 28 2007

A Memorial Day surprise: I almost stepped on these in a park in Boston.
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thumbnail I spotted this one first. All of these are Cypripedium Acaule, but as you can see they vary in color.
thumbnail This Lady's Slipper was unusually dark, which made it easier to photograph.
thumbnail Same individual Lady's Slipper, in a wider view so you can see the leaves
thumbnail One more, in slightly brighter light.
thumbnail Rear view of that same dark Pink Lady's Slipper.
thumbnail I'm quite happy with this shot - the pale pink is hard to capture.
thumbnail Likewise.
thumbnail I notice this caterpillar going by. It was climbing so fast I couldn't get a good shot - notice how the head is blurry from motion.
thumbnail One last shot of the dark one, in bright sun this time.
thumbnail Many of these tiny white flowers covered the ground around the Lady's Slippers.
thumbnail A Lady's Slipper with a slightly squished-looking shape.
thumbnail This one was practically touching the ground.
thumbnail Heres a shot using a lot of flash.
thumbnail And here's one without any flash.

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