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Mt Marcy, January 2007

Two nights winter camping and a hike up Mt Marcy with a side trip up Mt Skylight.
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thumbnail Ice stalagmites in a brook by the trail.
thumbnail The view from Marcy Dam: clouds with that smell of imminent snowfall.
thumbnail Recent warm weather meant the streams were still fairly ice-free.
thumbnail In some places, the stream flowed on top of old ice.
thumbnail Fresh snow at the stream crossing near Avalanche Lean-To.
thumbnail Rasgoat trying a little ice climbing.
thumbnail It's my turn now.
thumbnail Up I go!
thumbnail Almost looks like I'm high up, doesn't it?
thumbnail Next morning, it's snowing gently.
thumbnail Time for breakfast.
thumbnail New snow on the trail.
thumbnail A rock by the trail.
thumbnail A glimpse of a nearby mountain, maybe Mt. Colden.
thumbnail I think this was the Opalescent River.
thumbnail Woopeckers have been here.
thumbnail Lake Tear of the Clouds.
thumbnail Rime on the way up Mt Skylight.
thumbnail More rime.
thumbnail Glaze ice just a few feet away from the previous shot.
thumbnail Rime on the summit of Skylight (digitally brightened)
thumbnail Rasgoat on Skylight's summit.
thumbnail Another shot on Skylight's summit.
thumbnail A boulder on the summit, with a cairn in the distance.
thumbnail Boulder again.
thumbnail On the way up Marcy: icicles coated with windblown snow.
thumbnail A glimpse of the bottom of Panther Gorge.
thumbnail Mt Colden emerges from the clouds.
thumbnail Gray Peak is visible too.
thumbnail Gray and Colden again as the clouds part further.
thumbnail Clouds closing in again.
thumbnail A glimpse of Haystack.
thumbnail Mt Skylight
thumbnail Lake Tear of the Clouds
thumbnail Gray Peak
thumbnail On the summit of Mt Marcy.
thumbnail Mt Marcy summit plaque.
thumbnail A glimpse of Basin Mountain.
thumbnail Heavy snow the next morning.
thumbnail Snow fell faster than we could pack the tent.
thumbnail Crossing Marcy Dam again in stiff wind.
thumbnail Moss in a snowbank.
thumbnail Resting in the pines.

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