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Charles River Turtles, June 11, 2006

Of course, as soon as I got home from the mountains the weather started improving. I took advantage of the sunlight to wander around Boston's Charles River, and gradually learned how to sneak up on a sunbathing turtle.
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thumbnail This fungus was nestled in the fork of a tree. I think it's Polyporus Squamosus.
thumbnail Birdsfoot Trefoil (Lotus Corniculatus)
thumbnail I think these are painted turtles (Chrysemis Picta).
thumbnail If you don't startle them, turtles have no trouble holding still for the camera. Did you notice the one at lower right?
thumbnail The one in the middle was trying to climb out of the water - it fell backwards the first time.
thumbnail It made it on the second try, at a slightly different spot.
thumbnail A bit later, only two turtles remain.
thumbnail A gaggle of Canada geese scared most of the turtles away.
thumbnail A good perch is hard to find, and one turtle didn't want to move.
thumbnail It even climbed up closer to me to avoid the waves made by a passing motorboat.
thumbnail This yellow iris was probably deliberately planted on the riverbank.

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