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mating toads

Vermont Amphibians, May 2006

A very relaxed Memorial Day weekend at a state park. The frogs & toads were pretty relaxed too.
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thumbnail We heard frogs calling as we approached the lake. This was the first one we spotted (actually it's a toad). There is a tiny bit of camera shake in this shot (I was leaning out over the water) but I liked the reflections enough to share it anyway.
thumbnail First in our toad pornography series. Eggs are visible trailing away behind this pair. cropped version
thumbnail The eggs are more visible in this shot.
thumbnail Susel took a turn as pornographer, I think she did a great job with this shot.
thumbnail And here's the climactic shot of the "toad porn" series.
thumbnail Cropped version of that last shot.
thumbnail After a hard morning of watching toads mate, Susel relaxes in a pedalboat.
thumbnail We were fortunate to avoid any black flies and most mosquitoes, but we did have to endure the Night of the Living Gypsy Moth Caterpillars.
thumbnail Another shot of a typical caterpillar swarm.
thumbnail Our campsite. This is another photo by Susel, who wanted proof that she slept in a tent.
thumbnail Having just tasted powdered eggs, Susel happily displays the real thing.
thumbnail A bachelor frog. Cue music...
thumbnail No embarrassment at having slow children, not when the adults are such gifted spellers.

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