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Rime on the summit

Mt Washington, 8 April 2006

A quick hike up the Lion's Head winter route.
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thumbnail Wildcat Mountain as seen from near the junction of the winter and summer Lion's Head routes.
thumbnail Some skiers near the top of the Left Gulley.
thumbnail The Left Gulley in context.
thumbnail A pair of climbers reaches the Lion's Head.
thumbnail The Lion's Head in context: Mt Washington's summit in the distance.
thumbnail Monroe the fox joined me in gazing out on the skiers in Tuckerman's Ravine.
thumbnail Skiers on Hillman's Highway.
thumbnail A view east down the Lion's Head trail, with Harvard Cabin in the background.
thumbnail Skiers resting below the bottom of the Bowl.
thumbnail Monroe pauses again to watch the view. zoomed in
thumbnail He's still keeping an eye on me too. zoomed in
thumbnail Then he's off on business of his own.
thumbnail Groups of hikers and skiers above the Lip.
thumbnail Skiers climbing up toward the Sluice.
thumbnail From Lion's Head, a view toward the Carter Range.
thumbnail Krummholz at the edge of the Alpine Garden.
thumbnail A skier climbing toward the summit, with drifting snow behind him.
thumbnail A view toward the Lip and Boott Spur.
thumbnail Detail of typical snow and rime on the rocks of the summit cone.
thumbnail The views to the south were obscured by clouds and snow.
thumbnail From the summit, a view east over Wildcat to the two peaks of Baldface.
thumbnail Mandatory rime-on-a-signpost photo.
thumbnail The old summit building with a glazing of rime on the chains that hold it down.
thumbnail Another shot of the rime on the stairs.
thumbnail A coin-operated telescope on the summit. View southeast.
thumbnail A more modern summit building with an impressive snowdrift.
thumbnail The old stone hotel on the summit.
thumbnail The modern visitor's center with a crown of rime.
thumbnail Adams and Madison seen from the observation deck.
thumbnail Jefferson.
thumbnail Jefferson and Clay.
thumbnail Crystal Cascade, at the bottom of the Tuckerman Ravine trail.

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