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Index of Writings

Academic Work:

In case you're wondering what law school is like...
Defining "Essential Facilities" after Trinko


Reconsidering the Peter Principle (written under a pseudonym)

Movie Reviews

My reviews of whatever I've seen lately.
Recently added (as of July 2006): Raise the Red Lantern, The 40-Year-0ld Virgin.

Hiking and Climbing Diaries:

Deja Vu on Whitehorse Ledge

(Those listed below were originally posted on the now-defunct Weekend Warriors Website)

Mount Greylock, June 2000

Mount Washington, July 2000

The Paranoid Hiker's Guide to New England

A work in progress. Check back from time to time as I add chapters. Introduction


I wrote this letter to the Mass. Dept. of Revenue in an irate moment, and published it as a Rant on Craig's List. It was voted onto the Best Of Craigslist page!

Equipment Reviews

My user's review of the Eureka Zeus Exo backpacker's tent.
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