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Mauna Kea, December 2012

I cheated and took the road.
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Summit cone from just below.

Gemini telescope

Ice on the summit.

Conses near the summit

More cones

UHT, Gemini, and CFHT telescopes beside the summit.

view toward Mauna Loa.

Easterly view over the clouds

Sumit benchmark

Benchmark, cairn, offerings, telescopes

Benchmark close-up

View from the summit

Part of Very Long Baseline Array

Summit and telescopes

Mauna Kea

View west from the summit

View east


VLBA and clouds

Summit slope

Summit and scopes

The long road down

Clouds to the south

Southeasterly view from near the summit


Subaru and (1/2) Keck telescopes

Caltech, Maxwell, SMA

Mauna Kea summit

Mauna Kea summit

Mauna Kea summit

Subaru and Keck

Easterly view

Caltech CSO and Mauna Loa

Caltech CSO and Mauna Loa


Road to the summit

View from a rest stop

(It's a good idea to let your brakes cool off.)

The road up, from a bit lower

Visitor's Center with clouds below

Into the clouds

Foggy landscape

Foggy landscape

Nene (Branta sandvicensis)

Sunlit lee side of Hawaii