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Monadnock summit rocks

Mt Monadnock, November 2011

Quick trip during a very busy month, but we chose a fantastically clear day.
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monadnock Lingering fall foliage on beech trees down low.
monadnock Nearly-winter conditions, except for the balmy temperature.
monadnock Travel became a little more difficult as the trail got steeper.
monadnock Minor obstacle on the trail.
monadnock Enjoying the views as we pass treeline.
monadnock A snowdrift near the summit.
monadnock Choice of route: snowy trail or open rocks.
monadnock Gabrielle chose the rocks.
monadnock Glacial striations near the summit.
monadnock Smaranda approaching the top.
monadnock Thin ice in a puddle.
monadnock Roy, fully clothed for once.
monadnock Smaranda taking a final break.
monadnock Finally, the summit!
monadnock Posing on the summit
monadnock We could see Boston!
monadnock Heading down.
monadnock A detour over some rocks, just for fun.
monadnock Back on the snowy trail.
monadnock Deep snowdrift.
monadnock Through the drift.
monadnock Last views before treeline.
monadnock Mountain-ash, Sorbus sp.
monadnock Smaranda resting again.
monadnock Smaranda.
monadnock Sunset through the trees.
monadnock Foliage near the trailhead.