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David Albeck's Photos of Lakes and Ponds

Photographers go a little crazy around reflections in water. A good photo of a lake or pond is hard to resist when the light is right.
Click a thumbnail to see a full-size photo. Follow the link below the thumbnail to see the original gallery for each photo.
Star Lake
Mt Adams
Quabbin Reservoir
Western Mass.
Speck Pond
Old Speck
Unknown Pond
The Horn
Speck Pond
Old Speck
Chandler Pond
Local Ponds
Moraine Lake
South Sister
Lakes of the Clouds
Dry River
Lac du Chevril
Parc de la Vanoise
Walden Pond
Walden Pond
South Branch Pond
Baxter Park 2007
South Branch Pond
Baxter Park 2007
Eddy Pond
Mt Abraham
Lake Matagamon
Baxter State Park, ME.
small pond
Mount Greylock, MA
swan's nest
My local pond
mallard drake
My local pond

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